Honors Earth Science or Honors Geology Courses and Dual Enrollment Courses

This page is designed to be a list of honors Earth Science courses, which may or may not be dual enrollment with a neighboring college or university. Teachers on this list have created a rigorous Earth Science courses and some of those courses are dual-enrollment, for which students receive both high school and college credit. By placing their name on this list, they have indicated a willingness to share information and advice with other teachers interested in creating similar courses.

If you teach an honors or dual enrollment Earth Science or Geology course and are willing to help other teachers to do the same , please email wvannorden@hw.com and have your course added to this list



Examples of dual enrollment classes taught in High Schools

1. School: Harvard-Westlake School , North Hollywood, CA, a private high school in the Los Angeles area.

Course: Honors Geology

Details:: dual enrollment with UCLA, a one-year lab course taught to Juniors and Seniors at Harvard-Westlake School which incorporates 1 semester UCLA lab and field course, 5 credit units. Course receives "d" lab credit for the UC system, and honors status.

Teacher: Wendy Van Norden wvannorden@hw.com, (818) 487-6665

Course website: http://www.hwscience.com/Geology/Honors/index.html

2. School: White Mountains Regional School District, Whitefield, NH
Course: Geology/Honors Geology
Teacher: Heather Renyck - hrenyck@sau36.org

3) School: Kickapoo High School
3710 South Jefferson Avenue
Springfield, MO 65807

Course: Earth/Space Science Honors, also a dual-enrolled Astronomy and a Meteorology course in the works. All courses are dual enrolled through Missouri State University

Teacher: Rick Snyder, rsnyder2@spsmail.org



Examples of online dual enrollment Earth Science Classes available online

1. Clarion University. http://www.clarion.edu/22213/

ES 111 Basic Earth Science  3 s.h. Spring 10

Surveys the earth sciences, including Earth-space relations. Including Earth motions, development of landforms, weather and climate, soils and related vegetations, water as a resource, and oceans. Emphasized the lithosphere (mountain building and erosion) and the atmosphere. Each semester.