What is the HW Studies in Scientific Research and the HW Journal of Science?

The Harvard-Westlake Journal of Science is a scientific research journal that complements Harvard-Westlake's new scientific research program. This research program consists of an extracurricular club, the Harvard-Westlake Scientific Research Club, and a directed study class in scientific research. This website contains information on both the HWJS as well as the Harvard-Westlake scientific research program. Both of these programs are run and contributed to by primarily Harvard-Westlake students. In the research program, Harvard-Westlake students are able to conduct their own original research at school through the club or directed study or at a nearby research institution (e.g., UCLA, Caltech) through the club, and publish papers on their research in the HWJS. In addition to publishing research papers, the HWJS publishes other non-research oriented, scientific articles such as topic abstracts, book reviews, interviews, news articles, etc. Occasional articles from guest writers such as high school teachers and university professors are also accepted. Most submitted articles are put up on this website and a number of articles are chosen for publication in print editions. In addition to involving students in research, the club organizes presentations, discussions, guest lectures, and field trips.

Since the Harvard-Westlake Studies in Scientific Research program and the HWJS are fairly young, we need as many students as possible to begin researching and writing. If you are interested in either conducting original research in the fields of science, computer science, and/or mathematics or writing a non-research oriented article, contact Dr. Antonio Nassar , teacher mentor of the Harvard-Westlake research program, and let us know you are interested. Are you interested in research but don't know what you would like to research? No problem, just let us know what field of science you are interested in and we will help you create a specific research project.

The Harvard-Westlake research program and the HWJS mission statement:

The Harvard-Westlake research program and the Harvard-Westlake Journal of Science foster scientific research by Harvard-Westlake students and provide an opportunity for Harvard-Westlake students to gain experience writing scientific research papers as well as other science related articles. By engaging in these activities, Harvard-Westlake students will be exposed to the scientific research and writing processes, intellectual student-faculty interaction outside of the classroom will be encouraged, and a scholarly, scientific community will be created.