John Feulner: Guitar
Jesse Reiner: Bass, Vocals
Antonio Nassar: Vocals
Jim Patterson: Keyboards
Tom Henry: Drums
The Physics Band


Set List
1: House Full of Bullets by Joe Satriani
2: Crossroads arranged by Eric Clapton and Cream
3: Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming by Deep Purple with Steve Morse
The juniors and seniors were surprised in their assemblies last week, when they were treated to a mini-rock concert by the Physics Department. The performance was the brainchild of US Science Department Head, Mr. Feulner. For years, he entertained the idea of playing for a grade level assembly. He plays with friends outside of the school, and discovered last year that all four physics teachers had some musical connections. This past summer, he approached US Science teachers Mr. Reiner, Dr. Nassar and Mr. Patterson, to gauge their interest level in playing for the students. They were all enthusiastic! Since they didn't have a drummer, he asked his long-time friend and fellow musician, Tom Henry, to join "The Physics Band." Mr. Feulner's grandfather and father played the banjo and guitar, respectively, in bands, so he felt pre-destined to pick up the guitar at a young age. He was in and out of live bands during high school as well as college. Initially, he focused on rock, but as he learned more about music, he began to explore jazz and fusion (a blend of rock and jazz.) In the late 70’s, he made a living playing club gigs and doing studio work on the East Coast. A music publishing contract with jazz keyboardist Chick Corea brought him to LA where he continued to work as a studio musician. Ultimately, he missed physics and teaching, so when he learned of an opening at Harvard School he joined the Science Department. For the past 24 years, his schedule has allowed him to pursue a wonderfully rewarding educational career as well as his ongoing love affair with music. In high school, Dr. Nassar sang jazz and bossa nova, and played acoustic guitar and keyboard. Last year he sang with the HW Jazz Orchestra.

At the age of three, Mr. Reiner started singing Beatles songs. He picked up the guitar at 15, and bought his first bass a year and a half ago. He has written and recorded songs since 1989. He has also enjoyed jamming with students and with fellow teachers ever since writing "The Chemistry Blues" in December, 1995. His most recent composition is “Thermodynamic Woman."

Mr. Patterson began studying piano at age eight and continued through college. He also studied organ for three years while in college. He was recorded when he worked at Upland High School, at least four different times. He played for audiences often while he was in school, but this was his first time playing rock music.