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Welcome to AP Physics 1

AP Physics 1 is a year-long introductory course in physics. It is equivalent to a first-semester course in college physics that does not use calculus. AP Physics 1 may be followed by AP Physics 2 if the student is interested in continuing their introduction to physics.

More information about the AP Exam can be found at the College Board website.

In the first semester, we cover kinematics, Newtonian mechanics, conservation of momentum and energy, and circular motion.

In the second semester, we cover simple harmonic motion, wave and sound, rotational dynamics, and electrical circuits.


We use Principles of Physics as our main textbook in this course. It is a computer-based textbook published by Kinetic Books. For tech support or to order a copy of the CD, head over to the Kinetic Books website.

We supplement reading assignments from the textbook with video podcasts - short lectures recorded on a tablet computer. The videos can be viewed or downloaded from here.

The files on this site require Adobe Reader to view. A free copy can be downloaded from the Adobe website.