In the Fall of 2009, the Rocketry Club was accepted into NASA's SLI program. H-W Rocketry Club will become a government contractor and work for NASA to build a rocket capable of carrying a scientific payload to 1 mile AGL.

In April 2009, H-W will travel to Huntsville, Alabama to fly the rocket at the NASA flight testing range.

Meeting Notes

Harvard-Westlake SLI Proposal
Harvard-Westlake Preliminary Design Report (added 12/5/08)
Harvard-Westlake Critical Design Report (added 1/22/09)
Harvard-Westlake Critical Design PPT (added 1/22/09)
Harvard-Westlake FRR Report(added 3/16/09)
Harvard-Westlake FRR PPT(added 3/16/09)
Harvard-Westlake PLAR(added 5/21/09)